1. Art director for photography and filming. Cliënt- Novio Scan.

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  2. Art director for photography. Cliënt - Nipke.

  3. Picture for the book WISH

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HI, I am a art director and documentair portrait photographer based in Rotterdam. As a art director i leed a creative processes with a creative team from A to Z, to the ‘perfect product’ for my clients. As a documentaire portrait photographer i use my intrest in people and create a story with them. Humor and movement is the key to a perfect portret. In 2003 after finessing art school (akv st’ Joost, Breda)  i started to be a documentaire portret photographer for deferent clients. And in 2015 i started for Avans Hogeschool as a art director and photographer for there cooperated identity. My clients are big and small, corporate and nonprofit, a start-up and Scale-up.  Name a NRC Media, Ahold, Gemeente Schiedam, Jenever Museum Schiedam, Novioscan.

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